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Dentistry & Oral surgery

Our price list has been compiled on the basis of our quality material used in our surgeries and on the professional knowledge of our colleagues.

If you would like to receive a personalised price quotation or would like to look at our complete price list, please contact us by e-mail, using our form or call our UK native representative, Andrew Williams (+447910158242).

  • Dental surgeries in our dental clinic e.g.: implants, bone rebuilding and sinus lifts have to be paid for on the day of the treatment.
  • In the case of bridges, crowns, inlays, removable dental prostheses and combined tooth- replacements, our patients are asked to pay 50% in advance at the beginning of dental treatments. You are kindly requested to pay the remaining 50% of the price on picking up the removable dental prostheses; or immediately after the other items have been implanted.
  • Whichever option you choose, at the end of the dental treatment you will receive a detailed invoice from us in English, German or Hungarian.
  • Methods of Payment

    • In cash: If you would like to pay in cash in our dental surgery, besides Hungarian forints we also accept: Euros, British pounds, Swiss francs or American dollars.
    • By credit/debit card: In our clinic, you can also pay by credit or debit card; whether you would like to settle the advance payment or the total amount of the dental treatment. Our dentistry accepts Visa and MasterCard on-site.
    • By bank transfer prior to treatment: If you do not like having a lot of money in cash with you or you would not like to pay by banking card, it is also possible to transfer the desired amount of money to our dental surgery before the treatment starts on the basis of prior pricing. The rule that the remaining sum of money has to be paid before the end of the dental treatment applies to this method of payment as well.
    • Through a health fund: We have contacts with several Hungarian health funds and focusing on the demands of our patients, we are continuously upgrading our offer. Upon your request we can conclude a contract with your insurance company. For further information, please contact us.
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