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Dentistry & Oral surgery

In our clinic, highly qualified and experienced dentists and implantologists perform their work with a high level of responsibility. We give 100% guarantee for our dental work and all materials used.

At the end of the treatments, you will be given a letter of guarantee from us providing you with the maximum enforceability of warranty claims.

  • Guarantee for the used materials: The applied materials at our dentistry are quality substances that have been tested and controlled by EU standards in every case.
  • Professional dental laboratory: Our dental technicians draw on their great experience and perform at a professional level. The quality of the applied materials meets the highest expectations. Our aim is to do our best and prepare the most comfortable replacement for our patients, which are both functional and aesthetical.
  • Special expertise: Our dentists and assistants regularly take part in periodic trainings and they continuously improve their knowledge, meeting the expectations of the dental industry.
  • We take on a ten-year long guarantee for our implants. (AphaBio,SGS, IHDE)
  • For implant bodies: a two-year long guarantee
    For fixed prostheses a two-year long guarantee
  • For removable prostheses: a year long guarantee
    For porcelain veneers: a year long guarantee
    For fillings: a year long guarantee


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